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Reloading the .360 BUCKHAMMER. Mike Bellm's Newsletters.

Updated: Sep 27

"I work for the guy pulling the trigger and no one else.” Mike Bellm

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Here's a direct link to Mike's newsletters: May 2023 - Prospective powders & charges FOR .360 BUCKHAMMER. May 2023 - .360 BUCKHAMMER, case forming & loading dies. May 2023 - Brass forming and "A solution looking for a problem?"

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The following are excerpts from today's email with Mike (used by permission). AA # 1680 Powder: One advantage with 1680 is its more gradual pressure curve that continues to accelerate in longer barre

December, 2023: HODGDON POWDERS posts 33 new loads for the .360 BHMR. *** Please notice: ALL USE REMINGTON 9 1/2 STANDARD PRIMERS. *** Preliminary data (pre-live posted info) listed 9 1/2M (Magnum Pr

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