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Everyone is excited about reloading this new exciting .358 caliber cartridge! Since it recently became an official cartridge on January 15h, 2023, there has been no published data from the usual go-to reloading books or their posted on-line reference pages.

We have been chopping down our vintage 30-30 Winchester cases, using Redding and Sinclair dies, reloading on our trusty old Rockchucker and Dillon 550 presses, charging with Accurate Arms 1560, and using a few different bullet weights and styles. Stay tuned for all of our complete details (load/range results data) and images coming later this week.

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Dec 20, 2023

Very pleased with Henry 360 buckhummer, have taken two deer with it so far both one shot kills. Used Reminghton 200gr ammo. having hard time finding brass to reload, your 30-30 conversion to 360 BHMR looks awesome.


Dec 14, 2023

As of now I have a new Henry resting comfortably in the vault. I purchased a couple boxes each of the 180 and 200gr Remington ammo to get things rolling. I also picked up one of the MP .359 220 WNFP HP GC 4C molds to pour up some nice cast for it. Those things look awesome by the way.

That said I am still picking up things like sizing dies and such for both the brass and bullets and hopefully by the weekend I might be ready to get down to some serious casting and shooting with some of the factory fodder. I will report back with anything worthwhile as things play out.

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