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Updated: Nov 10

GOOD TO GO! Final test rounds with TC SSK Barrel, KAW Valley Precision Linear Magnum Comp (nice addition), lightweight Nikon 3x9, AA# 1680, Rem. 9 1/2 Mag Primers, and NEW Starline Bras,. Two shots with 200 GR. Hornady Interlocks. Touching holes at 50 yards. Three shots with Hornady 180 XTP (one on top target and two on the bottom target. All from a nice sturdy rest.

At 100 yards with a shaky sandbag front and back. Holes touching with JSP Interlocks and XTPs. Dropped about 1.5 inches. But results may vary with a nice sturdy repeatable rests.

My local and northern Michigan hunting spots have a max distance of maybe 150 yards in open areas, but most likely 25-50 yards in the cedar swamps and backyard bucks around Grand Rapids. Thoughts are the 200 Interlocks for longer distance and trusty XTPs for closer up shots.

Do you have any experience with the 35 Remington, 35 Whelen, or others with these bullets?

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