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.360 at the 50 & 100 yard range.

Equipment: SSK 20" barrel, New Starline 30-30 Brass cut to length with Gun-Guides jig, AA # 1680 Powder, Remington 9 1/2 Magnum Rifle Primers, MidwayUSA 200 GR. JSP Blemished Bullets (reviews suggest these are Hornady Interlocks), TC Gen 1 Contender Frame, Nikon 3x9 Scope, Vanguard Porta-Aim front rest, ProtekTorModel rear bag, 2" Birchwood Casey Shoot NC targets, and a well-caffeinated shooter.

50 YARDS: (A) 34.5 Grains of AA# 1680. Shot two rounds, then adjusted the front rest (excuse for drifting horizontally) for two additional shots. NEW Starline brass (not fire-formed) with a slightly noticeable step-down at the transition from the original taper to where the new straight wall / old bottleneck section began - perhaps this added a little more pressure? Average 2,368 fps. Producing 2,490 foot pounds of muzzle energy . (B) Once-fired (fire-formed into a beautiful straight walled cartridge) 35.0 Grains of AA# 1680. 2,386 fps. Producing 2,528 foot pounds of muzzle energy.

(C) Remington 200 Grain CoreLokt. Factory box says @ 2,180 fps with 2,108 foot pounds of muzzle energy. Our results averaged 2,197 fps. We have been very impressed with the accuracy of the factory ammo at 25, 50, and 100 yards.

100 YARDS - WOW!: (A) 34.5 Grains of AA# 1680 (New / not fire-formed brass). (B) Remington Factory 200 Grain Ammo. (C) 35.0 Grains of AA# 1680 (Once fired / fire-formed).

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