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OUR 360 BHMR RELOADING BENCH (list of dies, tools, etc.)

Updated: Sep 27, 2023


1. Inspect ALL of your clean and tumbled (and preferably annealed) 30-30 Winchester Brass.

2. With your safety glasses on, Cut brass with the Perfect Adapter™ 360 BHMR JIG.

3. A quick once over with a chamfer / de-burring tool.

4. Lube cases. (VERY important)

5. REDDING # 80946 SERIES B 360 BUCKHAMMER DIE 3 DIE SET with #2 Shellholder or Toolhead in station # 1 (Decap / Full length size and install Large Rifle Magnum Primer (or prime the case prior to #7 below). Station # 2 (Expanding Die). 3 Die sets are also available from LEE: # 92034.

6. TRIM: To your desired length. We use the LEE DELUXE TRIMMER # 90437 with the new LEE 360 BUCKHAMMER Quick Trim Die # 92039. Set at 1.80" Installed in the good old RCBS RockChucker with Hornady Lock N Load bushings.

7. Optional Precision Expander Mandrel, (a nice quality control step using the RCBS RockChucker ). Lube inside the neck with REDDING IMPERIAL DRY NECK LUBE PLUS APPLICATION MEDIA. SINCLAIR/BROWNELL'S 35-50 Caliber Expanding Die Body # 749008843 and 35 CAL Expander Mandrel (E35) #749002084.

8. Charge the case with powder. ALWAYS WORK UP FROM A SAFE STARTING LOAD!

9. Seat bullet to your desired length and crimp. We prefer to use the 360 BUCKHAMMER LEE Factory Crimp Die # 92035. Nice last touch with a collet die for quality control.

WHAT'S ON YOUR BENCH? Please share your comments below. THANKS!

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I may be lazy but when comes to lubing inside case mouths for expanding necks, I just stick the case mouth into Imperial wax - pull it out & rub any excess on the case body for outside case lube. Seems to work fine for me.

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